To complete the Alexa Setup you need to download the app or visit and                                     follow the Complete guided setup


If you Don’t have a Phone or tablet to Download the app Simply visit and Log into Your Amazon account. Then From the Home Screen Go to Settings and Select the Option to Setup a New Device.

Now Choose a Device to Setup. You need to make sure whether You have Alexa Echo,Tap or Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon Echo Provides you hands-Free convenience with a light ring for Status, Alexa Tap is a Portable Wireless Speaker For Alexa on the Go and Echo Dot offers you Hands-Free access to Alexa through your speakers.


Now You Will have to pick a language, For right now English for the US or UK or German are the only options to choose from. For setup of your Device, the Echo,Dot or Tap’s light ring (or the five lights on top of the Tap) should be orange color. If You are trying to Set it up for the First time , it should come up right after you plug in the device. If you don’t see orange light, press and hold the Action button which is located on top of your Device,one with the single dot in the middle for five seconds.On the Alexa Tap, If there is no orange it means you should hold the WiFi or Bluetooth button which is located on the back or below your Alexa Device. Eventually, Alexa will perk up and say “Now in setup mode.”amazon alexa setup


Connect your Device to the Wireless network now being served up by the Amazon Echo,Dot or Alexa Tap. It’ll be called something like “Amazon-2Q3” but the last three digits are always different.Once you are connected, Alexa will say “You’ve connected to Echo. Go ahead and finish the setup in the Alexa app.”


Now Go Backto the app, There you will see a list of all the Wireless networks available, pick your Wireless Network and  Enter the Wireless Security password when asked,Once all the information has been sent to the device, Your Amazon Alexa will say “Your Echo is ready” and the orange light Will go out.ALEXA.AMAZON.COM