To complete the Alexa Setup you need to download the Alexa app or visit and follow the Complete guided setup. Get the Setup done in few simple steps. Visit and Follow the On-screen Instruction to Complete the Setup. From the Home Screen, Go to Settings. In Settings Select Setup a new Device. Select the Alexa Device you are trying to Setup. Select from Echo, Echo tap or Echo Dot. Press continue and wait for the Orange light to come on.

Alexa.Amazon.comOnce It’s On, Connect the Alexa device to the Wireless network name Amazon-xxx(the xxx stands for the Numbers or Letters). Now go ahead and Finish the Setup in your Alexa App to finish the Setup, Simply Enter the Wireless Network You are Trying to Connect and a valid Combination of Its Password. Once the Setup is Complete you will see a screen where it says Echo is Connected to WiFi.All these Instructions are Same if you want to Follow the In Alexa app Instead of

Download Alexa App

If you Don’t have a phone or tablet to download the Alexa app Simply visit and log into Your Existing Amazon account. You can also create an Amazon account if don’t have one. Once you are on, From the Home Screen Go to Settings and Select the Option to Setup a New Device as Shown in the Image Below. Now Choose a Device to Setup. You need to make sure whether You have Alexa Echo,  EchoTap or Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon Echo Provides you hands-free convenience with a light ring for Status, Alexa Tap is a Portable Wireless Speaker For Alexa on the Go and Echo Dot offers you Hands-Free access to Alexa through your speakers. Visit for more help with your Echo Device Setup.

We all know that Alexa app is a smart voice assistant, Which automates all the tasks and functions of your house. We all have a busy-lifestyle these days, That is why we want our every task to be completed in fractional seconds of time. Alexa app does that for you with the help of your Amazon Echo device. It would not be wrong if you say that Alexa app is a functional unit of your Alexa Echo device. All you have to do is to download Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. After that, you have to sign into it with the help of your Amazon Prime Account. If you have Amazon Prime membership. Then will surely have an Amazon Prime Account. You can sign in into your Alexa app by entering the username and password of your Amazon account.

If you want to download Alexa app on any of your Echo devices. Then, you will have to go to the google play store and search for Alexa app. Then, you will see its icon and there you have to click on the ” Install” option. Once you click on the “Install” option. Then, you will see the Alexa app installation progressing on your Smartphone device. Once it’s downloaded on your Android or smartphone device. Then, you will have to open it. Now, it will ask you for your Amazon Account’s login credentials. When you enter these credentials and sign into it. Then, you will be able to make changes in its settings and add skills into it to increase its capabilities and application areas. Your Alexa app allows you to search about anything on the internet network via just giving it a voice command.

Alexa App

Now You Will have to pick a language, For right now English for the US or UK or German are the only options to choose from. For setup of your Device, the Echo, Dot or Tap’s light ring (or the five lights on top of the Tap) should be an orange color. If you are trying to set it up for the First time, it should come up right after you plug in the device.

If you don’t see orange light, press and hold the Action button which is located on top of your Device. Then, one with a single dot in the middle for five seconds. On the Alexa Tap, If there is no orange light. Then, it means you should hold the WiFi or Bluetooth button which is located on the back or below your Alexa Device. Eventually, Alexa will perk up and say “Now in setup mode.”You can follow these steps to complete the Echo setup.

Alexa.Amazon.comTo check for updates available for your Amazon Echo device, go to the app store on your iPhone or Android mobile device and search for Amazon Alexa app. If there is an update available for your Device, tap the Update button to download the update. If you don’t see an Update button, you’re using the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app.

You don’t need to search for the update of App frequently as most devices are on auto-update mode, and your app will automatically be updated once the update is available for your Download Amazon Alexa app. You can download Amazon Alexa app from your tablets also if it has the capability to update the operating system.

The Amazon Alexa app is available on mobile devices and tablets with the following:

(1) Kindle Fire Operating System 3.0 or higher

(2) Android operating system 5.0 or higher

(3) iOS 9.0 or higher

You can also go to from your browser such as Safari from Apple devices, Google Chrome from Google and Windows devices as well as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer (10 or higher) on your WiFi capable computer or Laptops.

Important Note: At this time, You can use Alexa-to-Alexa calling and messaging for only on your compatible iOS and Google Android phones. To learn more, call our toll free number displaying on the screen.

How to download Alexa app for windows computer and android :

To download Amazon Alexa app simply open the app store from your iOS device or Play store from your Google Android Device and search for Amazon Alexa app and you will see an Icon similar to Image shown below the Amazon Alexa app should be able to automatically download to Alexa-enabled Kindle Fire tablets. If your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is not an Alexa-Capable device, it will not support Amazon Alexa interactions even if the Amazon Alexa app is downloaded to your Amazon kindle fire device.

The Alexa app is available on almost every application platform. You can download it from Apple Store, Google play store, Windows app store via using your Tablet or Smartphone Device. It allows you to make the phone calls from your Alexa Device. You will have to give Permissions to your Amazon Alexa app. If you want to complete the Setup of your Amazon Alexa device. Then, you will have to download the Amazon Alexa app on your Smart Device and Run the Setup. First, you will have to connect your Smartphone or Tablet to Amazon-xxx Wireless Network and Go to Alexa app. After this, you have to Just Follow All the on-screen Instructions Appearing on your Alexa App’s screen. When you are done with the Completion of your Amazon Alexa Setup.

Then, you will be able to perform various kinds of tasks with the help of Your Echo device. You can Play Music, Turn on or Off the Switches and Do many More tasks by using this Powerful AI-based Device. If you get stuck in any problem while performing Wireless Setup While using your Amazon Alexa device. Then, you will have to make sure that you are Trying The Correct Combination Of Wireless Network Name and password. You have to enter the password of your Echo device very carefully. As the password of your Echo device is case-sensitive. Some Alexa Echo Devices Support 2.4 GHz mode wireless network bandwidth. You can Enable the Smart home Skills on Your Alexa Device By connecting some Compatible Devices with your Amazon Echo device.

Echo Setup

Alexa.Amazpn.comConnect your Device to the Wireless network now being served up by the Amazon Echo, Dot or Alexa Tap. It’ll be called something like “Amazon-2Q3” but the last three digits are always different. Once you are connected, Alexa will say “You’ve connected to Echo. Go ahead and finish the setup in the Alexa app.”

Now Go Back to the app, There you will see a list of all the Wireless networks available, pick your Wireless Network and Enter the Wireless Security password when asked, Once all the information has been sent to the device, Your Amazon Alexa will say “Your Echo is ready” and the orange light Will go out.

In order to Complete the Echo Setup, You can follow all the Instructions As Guided in the Above Section. You can Also Call our Technical Support team for Complete guided setup help. Our Technicians will provide you complete assistance regarding any kind for Echo Setup. You can Also Complete your Echo Setup by Downloading the Alexa app from the Play Store or If you have an iPhone you can also use them to complete the Echo Setup on your Device. You can get help with other Products also if you have any Subscription with Our Support Team for free Help.

If you have bought any Echo Dot Device and Trying to Complete the Echo Dot Setup then you are on the Right Place. Simply Follow The Instructions Mentioned Above to Get your Echo Dot Setup. Our Technicians are Experts to Complete the Echo Dot Setup. We will Help you Complete your Echo dot Setup.

Setup Echo

Get your Echo Tap Setup Completed in just a Few Simple Steps. Follow the Manual or Call our Support team to Get it done. We have Certified Technicians to Complete your Echo tap Setup. After buying an Echo Device if you are not a Technically Savvy Person, you have faced some issue while Completing your Echo Tap Setup. You can Simply Call our Technical Support team to get your Alexa setup. Our Technicians will make your Echo Tap Setup hassle-free bring a big smile on your face. With the Help of Alexa app, you can Also Complete the Alexa setup without Needing the Help from any Technician if you know how to Complete the Echo tap setup. In case you don’t know how to Complete the Setup simply call our Toll free number to Get instant Assistance on any Alexa Setup Products.

How to set up your Amazon Echo?

first of all, you need to download Alexa app, in case you are using the iOS device then go to app store and download the application from your app store or in case you are using an android device then go to play store and download Alexa app from play store, then follow the instructions as guided below:-

  • download Alexa app
  • Login in to your Amazon account
  • Connect to Amazon WiFi.
  • Follow the instructions as shown on your Screen.
  • Complete your Amazon Echo Setup.
Echo setup App

First of all, we need to know what the Amazon Echo is.

  • First, It is a portable device and wireless speaker which can easily play music on your commands and do some amazing works via the internet.
  • It works only on voice commands.
  • If you have an Amazon account. You can easily set up an Alexa device. In case you don’t have one, you will need to create one.
  • if you don’t have any smartphone, you can use the web app which will also help you in the setup.
  • To connect to Amazon echo with the internet, you will need to have WiFi with the active internet connection.
  • Now we have all the information which will require to easily setup Amazon echo.
  • If you have already downloaded the Alexa app sign in the app. Then you have to Go to the settings. Then select set up a new device. After that, you will see there are three options echo, tap, or echo dot. Now, choose your device according to your Setup.
  • Alexa.Amazon.comThen you need to select your language.
  • After that, you will see there 5 colors light displaying on Your Amazon Echo ring.
  • wait for the orange light ring, this light is the symbol of you starting the setup. if you trying to set up a new device, in any case, you don’t see the orange light you need to press and hold the button for few seconds, it’s the one with a single dot.
  • After that, you will need to connect your smartphone with the Amazon Alexa.
  • Now you need to select your WiFi as it is a wireless Setup.
  • set it up with your home WiFi.
  • Now we are on the final step, Let’s do some tests. Say, ”Alexa, what’s the weather outside”.
    if Alexa is answering according to your question, Alexa is ready to use.
  • Congratulations, you just have completed your Setup.

Now, you have to Complete your Alexa device setup in Few Steps. After that, Download the Alexa app on your phone or Tablet and Follow the onscreen instructions. Therefore, Get Help from our Technicians on related to queries regarding

Alexa Echo Compatible Devices

Here is the List of Some Compatible devices For your Amazon Alexa Device

  • Belkin WeMo Switch
  • The Belkin WeMo Light Switch
  • Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
  • Samsung SmartThings Outlet (From SmartThings Hub)
  • iHome Smart Plug (From Wink Hub)
  • TP-Link Model HS110 Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring
  • TP-Link Model HS100 Smart Plug

Even though more Devices are Compatible with Alexa Device but Make sure to Contact Amazon Before Buying them to check the Compatibility of Smart home Device. You can Download Amazon Alexa app from your Playstore for Android devices as well as iOS devices can find their version of Alexa app from the app store. With the help of Amazon Alexa app, you can control your alarm, manage your shopping, to-do list and Do much more.

Note: The Amazon Alexa app is only available for download from U.S. app stores for Apple devices and for Android devices you can find it on google play store