Alexa WiFi Setup

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi?

If you have just bought a new Alexa Echo device. Then, you will need to connect Alexa to wifi for performing the Alexa wifi setup. In this Setup process, you will be required to download Alexa App on your smart mobile phone or windows pc. In the next step, Your Alexa App will ask you to log in to it using your Amazon Account’s username and password. After that, you will need to start the Alexa wifi setup by going to the left-hand side menu and clicking on the ” Add device” or “Set up a new device” option.

Alexa Wifi SetupThere you will see a lot of prompts on your Alexa app screen. You will need to follow all the prompts and to connect Alexa Echo device to Alexa App. If you don’t know, how to connect Alexa to wifi. Then, we want to tell you that, you can easily connect Alexa to wifi by just searching for your wireless network and entering its password followed by pressing the ” Connect” button. But, you can only do that after connecting your Echo device with your Alexa app by going to the wifi settings of your smartphone or windows/mac computer.

If you want to perform an Alexa Wifi setup. Then you will have to follow a long stepwise series to connect Alexa to wifi network. If you don’t know how to connect Alexa to wifi. Then, we want you to know that. It’s a long process. But believe me, it’s not that difficult. If you don’t know anything about it. Then don’t worry, we will give you full stepwise information about how to perform an Alexa wifi setup without taking anyone’s help.  Follow the steps we specified before you below.

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How to Connect Alexa to new Wifi

Here are some Steps to Connect Alexa to new wifi network. These steps will help you in proceeding with Alexa Wifi Setup.

  1. Open the App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Search for “Amazon Alexa” by typing it in the search field.
  3. Now, Tap on the “Install” button when you see the Amazon Alexa App result in the app store.
  4. Launch the Alexa App and open it to log in to your Amazon Account using its username and password.
  5. Go to the Navigation menu available on the left side of your Alexa app screen.
  6. Tap on the “Add device” option and select the “Amazon Echo” from the list.
  7. Now, select your Alexa Echo device along with its generation.
  8. At this point, connect Alexa to the power socket and hold down and wait until its ring light indication turns orange in color.
  9. Alexa Wifi SetupTap on the “Yes” option when you see orange ring light on your Echo.
  10. Select the Language and press the continue button.
  11. Now, Go to the wifi settings of your smartphone and tap on the ” Amazon XXX” network from all networks present in that list.
  12. You will see a prompt to connect Alexa to wifi network. Select your new wifi network by tapping on its name and enter its password followed by a click on the ” Connect” button.
  13. Click on the rescan option if you don’t see your new wifi network.
  14. Follow some important prompts you see on your Alexa App screen.
  15. Now, you will see a confirmation message on your smartphone device. This message confirms that it is fully connected with your home network.
  16. You will not have to Connect Echo to wifi or your Alexa Echo App when you setup third-generation Echo devices. They will themself connect with your Alexa App and wifi network.
  17. As your Alexa App has the username and password of your wifi saved already in it.
  18. Now your Alexa device is ready to use.

Before using your Alexa device you have to download the Alexa app on your smartphone for Alexa wifi setup. Alexa app is the main component that executes all kinds of tasks inside your Alexa device. Alexa app helps you in connecting your Echo to Wifi. You need to train your Alexa device for listening to the instructions and commands. You can simply do that by going into the Settings of your Alexa app and tapping on the Voice training session option. There you will be given 25 different kinds of phrases. You will have to speak all of these phrases before your Alexa device. This the way in which Alexa device will start to recognize your voice. Like humans, the Alexa device takes time in getting acquainted with the voice of its users.

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Alexa won’t connect to wifi

Alexa WiFi SetupWe all know that Setting up an Alexa Echo device is an easy task to do. Connecting Echo to wifi seems like a long process but it is easy and simple to task to do. But, sometimes when users try to perform an Alexa wifi setup. Then, their Alexa won’t connect to wifi. In this case, Users have to perform some troubleshooting techniques to fix these problems and issues. Some troubleshooting fixes are specified below. Have a look at these solutions.

How To Fix it When Alexa Won’t connect to WiFi

  • Turn off your internet router and modem for at least 2-4 minutes and turn them. Now, try to connect the Echo to wifi. Your Alexa will get connected with the wifi network. Sometimes this issue arises because of network hardware problems. You can fix this problem by rebooting your network hardware devices.
  • Turn off your Alexa Echo device. Wait for a minute and turn it on. Now, try to connect Alexa to a wifi network. This troubleshooting technique will also work to solve this issue.
  • Check if the password you have entered for your wifi network is correct or not. You can do that by Disconnecting your smartphone from your wifi network and try to connect it back using the same password. If it gets connected with the wifi then your wifi password is correct. If your smartphone does not connect with the wifi then, your wifi password is incorrect.
  • Try to place and locate your Alexa device near your internet router and modem, so that it could receive good internet connectivity. Because internet signals get weak when they travel long distances.
  • Make sure that no solid objects such as metal objects, wooden objects, Brick wall, microwave ovens, TV, etc. placed near your Alexa Echo. These solid objects decrease the signal’s strength of your internet router.
  • You can reset your Echo device to fix this problem if no troubleshooting technique works. If you want to reset the first-generation Echo device. Then you can simply do that by pressing the “Reset” button on your Amazon Echo device. After that ring light will start showing the orange ring light indication and will turn off. If you want to reset your second-generation Echo device. Then, you can do that by pressing and holding the “volume down” and “microphone button” together for at least 20 seconds of time until you see ring light turning orange and turn off. You can reset the third-generation Echo devices by pressing and holding the “Action” button for 30 seconds until its ring light turns orange and then off.
  • You can also take expert help from the technically sound people around you. If you face the same problem, even after performing all of these troubleshooting techniques.

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