Echo Dot Setup

Echo Dot Setup

Alexa Echo Dot Setup is a stepwise process of Setting up an Alexa Echo dot device. Users have to perform a lot of steps in this Setup process, You have to perform all of these steps in a sequence by following the prompts on your smartphone’s screen. Alexa Dot Setup process includes Downloading Alexa App on your smartphone device. It includes Connecting the Echo dot to the Alexa Echo App followed by Connecting Your Alexa to wifi by following all the prompts you see on your smartphone screen for completing the Alexa Wifi Setup. But, you need to have a few things with you before setting up the Echo Dot device. We listed the things you need to have by your side to perform an Echo dot setup.

  • Download Alexa App for Echo dot Setup on your compatible smartphone device.
  • Active and functional internet network with good internet connectivity.
  • Amazon Account for sign-in to Alexa Echo App.
  • Alexa Echo dot for Alexa Wifi setup.

Echo Dot SetupIf you have these four things by your side. Then, you can proceed forward to perform an Alexa Echo Dot Setup. Make sure that your smartphone would be compatible with downloading Alexa App for the Echo dot. Android devices should have a minimum of 5.0 or better version and iphone devices should have a minimum of ios 11.0 or better version to be compatible for downloading the Alexa App. If you want to download Alexa App for the Echo dot on your kindle. Then, you need to have a minimum of Fire OS 5.3.3 version or better installed on your kindle device. If you have checked and have all these things. Then, you can proceed further for the completion of the Alexa Dot Setup.

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Alexa dot setup

Alexa dot setup refers to the process of setting up an Echo dot device. We have mentioned the detailed information of each and every step you will need to perform in order to complete the Echo dot Setup. Look at the steps and follow them.

How to Setup Alexa Echo dot?

  1. Firstly, you need to unpack your Alexa Echo Dot and take out all its accessories out from its box.
  2. Now, you need to take out your smartphone device and head to the App store. There, you will have to search for theĀ  “Amazon Alexa” there.
  3. Now, you will see the Alexa app icon there. Users will have to click on the “Install” button and download the Alexa app for Echo dot on your smartphone device.
  4. Connect the AC Adaptor with your Echo dot as well as your wall’s power outlet.
  5. When you see your Echo dot connected with the power source. You will see the blue ring light indication on it. The blue ring light on your Echo dot device indicates that it’s fully connected to the electricity.
  6. Sign-in into your Alexa Echo App for Echo dot by filling in the username and password of your Amazon account.
  7. Tap on the menu available on the left side of your Alexa App screen. Now, tap on the ” Add device” option there.
  8. Choose the ” Amazon Echo” by tapping on it.
  9. Now, tap on the ” Echo dot” from the list of all available Alexa Echo models.
  10. Select the generation of your Echo dot.
  11. Click on the ” yes” button if you see an orange ring light indication on your Alexa Echo dot device.
  12. Third generation Echo devices will connect with your phone and wifi network automatically without any problem
  13. If you have a first/second-generation Echo dot device. Then, first, you will have to connect it with your smartphone by going to the wireless settings of your phone.
  14. After that, it will require you to connect your Echo dot with the wireless network by selecting your network and entering its password.
  15. When you notice that your Echo dot device is connected with the internet network. Then you will see that your login credentials will be saved to the Amazon for future references.
  16. Now, you have to save the login password of your wireless network with the Amazon. This will help you in easily connecting your other Echo devices with the same internet network in the future as well.
  17. Echo Dot SetupAt this point, you will need to Activate your Alexa Echo device by giving it voice instructions. Now, we advise you to change the default wake word of your Echo dot device. You should always use a specific word for waking up your Alexa Echo dot device. Don’t use the words to wake up your Echo device which you use frequently.
  18. If you want to change the “wake” word of your Echo dot device. You can do so by going to the settings of your Alexa app.
  19. After doing all that, you can now operate your Echo dot device and give it the voice commands, if it responds you back with the answer, then it means that it’s fully working.
  20. If you want your Echo dot to understand your voice patterns and execute the tasks given to it in an efficient manner. Then you will have to visit the settings of your Alexa app and start its voice training session. During this session, you will have to recite 25 phrases before your Echo dot device to make it familiar with your voice and commands and complete the Echo dot Setup.
  21. After that, you need to add the skills of your use and choice into your Alexa Echo App for Alexa Dot Setup. These skills will increase the task completion and execution capabilities of your Echo dot device. Now, you can say that your Echo dot is ready to do the tasks you want to perform.

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How To Connect Echo Dot To WiFi

Connecting the Echo dot to the Wifi network is one of the most important steps in the Alexa Echo Dot Setup process. You can not setup your Alexa Echo without Connecting your Echo dot to the wifi network. Because we all know that Alexa works with the help of internet signals and connectivity. If you will not connect it with the internet. Then, you will not be able to proceed further in this setup process.

Your Alexa Echo dot will not respond to your queries if it’s not connected with the internet. So, never forget to connect it with your wifi network. So that it could work with full efficiency in order to automate your functions. We have specified some steps below. You can follow these steps to connect echo dot to wifi. But, you have to download the Echo dot app and connect your echo dot to electricity before performing the mentioned below steps.

Connect Echo Dot To WiFi For Amazon Echo Dot Setup

  1. Click on the navigational menu with three horizontal lines available on the left side top of your Alexa app screen and go to its Settings option.
  2. Now, tap on ” Setup A new device” option in the settings menu.
  3. At this point, press and hold the Action button of your Alexa Echo App For a few seconds and the ring light of your Alexa Dot will turn orange from blue.
  4. Now, go to the wifi settings of your smartphone and connect with your Echo device by tapping on its name.
  5. Now, you will see the list of all wifi networks available near you. Click on your wifi network’s name and connect with it by filling or entering its password followed by clicking on “Add a network”.
  6. Click on the ” Rescan” option there if you don’t see your wifi network’s name on this list and try to reconnect your Alexa to the wifi.
  7. Now, click on the ” Connect” button there and you will receive a voice notification from your Alexa Echo dot confirming that it’s connected and ready to go.

Echo Dot Setup Not Working

Echo dot setupIf your Echo dot is not working efficiently even after performing an Echo dot setup. Then, you will need to troubleshoot this problem by performing some troubleshooting techniques. Generally, most of the problems and issues are related to the network. So, here is the list of troubleshooting techniques you can see below.

  • Always remember and enter the password of your wifi network accurately without making any mistake in the password field while connecting your Echo to the wifi network.
  • Keep updating the firmware of your modem and internet routers for better performance and efficiency in functioning.
  • Always use a single security type for your internet router such as WPA, WPA-2, etc. You can also set the encryption type to the AES if your internet router supports it.
  • Turn off your Modem, router together and turn them on after 25-30 seconds. Now, turn off and turn on your Echo dot and try to reconnect it with the wifi network following the setup instructions you see on your Alexa Echo App screen when you see the Alexa orange light indication on Alexa Echo Dot.
  • Remove all solid objects such as metal, wooden, solid objects between the internet router and your Alexa Echo dot device.
  • Locate your Echo dot near your internet router for problem-free network connectivity.
  • Remove all unused devices and unwanted users from your wifi network to minimize the networking congestion from your network.
  • Connect your Echo dot with 5 GHz bandwidth in the internet router as it’s less congested.
  • That is how you can troubleshoot the Echo dot setup problems from your Alexa dot device.

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