Echo Look Setup

How To Setup Echo Look

Amazon Echo look is one of the best Echo devices ever made. It is one of the most unique Echo devices. However, it has all the features of all previously launched Echo devices. But it also has an attractive design and with some add-on features in it. Echo Look Setup. This device helps you in many ways such as it click your pictures to rate your look and tell you which costume suits you the best. You can also record a video of six seconds with its help. It has a video capturing feature to rate your costume and look. The Echo look device works and operates its tasks and functions with the help of Echo Look app. You have to download the Echo look app on your smartphone device and connect it with your Echo look device to use it efficiently.

Echo Look SetupIf you want to click a picture on your Echo look device. Then, you will have to launch a voice command to your Echo look device like ” Alexa, Take a picture”. Then it will get ready to take your picture through its small camera in the front. After that, the white light will reflect through its small ring twice. Then it will click your picture with a flash. That is the way in which you can use that. Echo Look Setup. We have given you the full process you have to follow in order to Setup your Echo look device. Mentioned below is the step-wise procedure of Setting up an Echo look device. You can follow this procedure and Setup your Echo look. We have mentioned all of the steps below you have to just immediate them.

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Steps To Setup Echo Look

  1. In starting, you will need to remove the packaging of your Echo look and take out its accessories such as Power Adaptor, table stand, wall mounting support, etc.
  2. Now, you need to adjust your Echo look device on its stand or wall mounting component.
  3. After that, you have to take the power Adaptor and insert this Adaptor into the power socket and plug its other end into the Echo look device’s charging slot.
  4. When your Echo look device gets connected to the power source the blue light starts to reflect through its small ring. Echo Look Setup. The blue ring light indicates that your Echo look is connected with the power source.
  5. Now, you need to simply go to the Google AppStore from your phone or smartphone device and download the Echo look app on your smartphone device.
  6. After that, your Echo look will say that it is ready for Setup and Orange light will start to reflect on its small ring.
  7. Now, you have to open your Echo look app and sign into it with the login credentials of your Amazon Prime Account.
  8. After that, your Echo look app will stream a video before you. This video will tell you the procedure to Setup your Echo look device.
  9. When this video ends. Then you will have to click on the “Begin Setup” option. When you will click on that a yellow light will start to move around the small ring in your Echo Look device.
  10. After that, your Echo look will say that it’s connected with the Echo look app. Now your Echo look device will automatically fetch your Wireless network’s details on your Echo look app. After that, it will start to show you the Setup video there on it.
  11. Now, your Echo look will tell you you to take a picture. You can position it and stand before its camera on some distance and say, Alexa, Take a picture. It will generate a sound twice and will click the picture with the big flash.
  12. Hence, your Echo look device is ready for you to use.

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Echo Look App Menu

Now, you need to just go to your Echo look app. When you will open the Echo look app. you will the latest picture you have taken through it with its date. If you will scroll down, you will see the style check widget. As you scroll down you will see some tips, tricks, style recommendations and commands you can use into it.  Echo Look Setup. After that, you will see the looks menu and this menu will show you the catalog of pictures you have taken with your Echo look device. This app also provides you the option of favoriting a picture. Your favorite pictures will be saved under the favorites tab.

Echo Look SetupIf you will move forward. Then you will see a style check option there. This option will compare all your looks on the basis of all the pictures you have taken over the days. It will tell that which look suits you the best and looks better. You can click on the comparison option and compare your looks by comparing the photos you have clicked and figure out which look of yours is better. Echo Look Setup. Amazon Echo look will help you with this and it will tell you about which photo or look is better. In this way, you can learn many things about styling and learn the art of looking better.

In the last, it has a camera menu on it. If you want to take pictures or videos from your Echo look device. Then, you can click on this camera option. This will launch the camera of your Echo look. Echo Look Setup. You can select either you want to click a picture through it or capture a six-second video. This device also allows you to take photos and create videos from the camera of your smartphone device.

If you want to change the settings of your Echo look device. Then you can go to the settings option on the right top of your Echo look app. There you can change your Echo look’s device and Account related settings. We always advise you to place your Echo look device at the desk or table at some height. Echo Look Setup. When you take a picture on it. You need to stand at least 5 feets distance from it for the best pictures and picture quality

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