Echo Show Setup

How To Setup Echo Show

When we talk about Amazon’s Echo Show. We always think about an Echo device with a screen on it. Amazon Echo show is the device that has a screen on it. It gives you an output of your queries and questions on its screen. This Echo device is different from all other Echo devices. Its screen is its best feature and you can do a lot of tasks with its help. While other Echo devices give you the output through their smart speakers. Echo Show Setup. This device gives you the output with the help of its screen. The echo show is available in four variants and generations. The specifications of all these Echo show device changes in each Echo show generation. For example, All Echo show generations have different screen sizes, Resolution, camera, Processor and speaker specifications.

Echo Show SetupNow, we are going to describe all the steps below for you. You can simply see and follow these Steps to Setup your Echo show device. These steps will demonstrate to you how you can Setup your Echo show and connect it with your wireless internet network, Electricity source and electricity switch. We always advise you to perform all of these steps very carefully to Setup your Echo show. Echo Show Setup. One wrong step can lead you to many kinds of problems and issues. We can not configure or install our Echo show without having knowledge about its Installation procedure. Now, All you have to do is look at the steps mentioned before you below and do the same to Setup your Echo show device.

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Steps To Setup Echo Show

  1. In starting, You have to unbox your Echo show device and take out all its components yo get with it in a box.
  2. After doing that, you have to plug in its 30-watt power Adaptor in the power switch and connect its other end with the slot present in the back of your Echo show device.
  3. Now, your Amazon Echo show will turn on immediately and will give you a message ” Hello, ready for Setup “.
  4. There, you will see a message on your Echo show device’s screen “Getting your Device online”. This will take a few seconds.
  5. Now, you have to select the language which you want to Set on your Echo plus device.
  6. After that, it will ask you to select the wireless network’s name with which you want to connect your Echo show. Now, you have to enter the password of your wireless network here.
  7. When your Echo show gets connected with your wireless network. It will give you the message “welcome” along with your name.
  8. There you have to click on “That’s me” option to confirm that it’s you who is setting up an Echo device.
  9. Now, it will ask you to confirm the time zone of the Area or country where you are living right now. So, select that by scrolling down or using the drop-down arrows.
  10. After that, your Echo show will tell you to download the latest mobile app and log in to it to proceed further in this Setup process. There you have to tap on the “Skip” option below.
  11. Now, you have to tap on the ” Continue” option.  Echo Show Setup. After that, your Echo show will show you your Echo show’s name. After that, you have to click on the ” Continue” option.
  12. Now, your Echo show will tell you if there is any update available for it. If it’s available. Then, you can click on the ” Download and Install” option. Immediately your Echo show will speak “Updating your Device”. This updating process will take a time of a few minutes to update your Echo shoe device with the latest update available for it. The time it takes will depend on the speed of your internet network.
  13. Now, it will show you the screen “optimizing” >> Checking For Latest software Updates”. At this point, Alexa will say “I am back, let’s continue”.
  14. After that, your Echo show device will play an introduction video for you. This video will tell you how you can use your Echo show device.
  15. Once this video ends. Your Echo dot will tell you that its Setup is Almost done and After that, it will show you the home screen by saying ” This device is ready”.
  16. Now if you want to set the Settings of your Echo show on your own. Then you can swipe down on its screen and you will see its menu there.
  17. There you will see the home, Alarms, light and more, Routines, Settings, brightness and do not disturb icons.
  18. You can simply tap on the “Settings” option and make changes in the Settings you want to change.
  19. You can also go to the home screen and swipe right and left to get information about all the stuff you want to see.
  20. Your Echo Show is full setup and ready to use.

    Echo Show Setup

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Echo Show Features

Now you can access all the features of your Echo plus device. You can connect it with your Alexa app you have downloaded on your smartphone device. After that, you need to install some skills into your Alexa app too. These skills will work with your Echo show device to complete the tasks given by the users. You can perform a variety of tasks with the help of your Echo show device. Echo Show Setup. It allows you to check the weather and forecasting details and the Traffic situation in your Area. you can simply order food and book a cab with the help of your Echo show. Hence, This device helps you in preparing shopping lists, to-do lists, etc.

Therefore, you can also connect all the compatible smart devices of your home with your Echo show and manage their functions via your voice commands. You only have to give a voice command to your Echo show. It will do the given task in a fraction of the time. Echo Show Setup. You can use this device as the Home Automation system for all the devices connected to the same wireless network. This device gets smarter with each passing day. Hence, you can use it for almost every task as it covers almost all application areas.

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