Amazon Echo WiFi Setup

Amazon echo can only function properly with an active internet connection.  when you have an active internet connection, once you speak,  Alexa will process your commands and stream the media with the help of Amazon echo device.

Before the Start the Process of your Amazon echo WiFi Setup, you should make sure to follow these simple steps:-

(1) Make sure you plug amazon Echo into the Power outlet.
(2) Open your Amazon Alexa app on phone or Tablet.

Your Amazon echo can only connect to dual-band WiFi such as 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz networks, it can not be connected to a Peer to Peer Connection based Network.

Start the Following process for a Successful WiFi Setup:-
(1) Open your Amazon Alexa app and from the Left-hand top navigation button to go to Settings.

(2) You need to select the device and then select the option from the top which says Update WiFi.In case you are setting up a new device to your Amazon account, you need to select the option which says set up a new device.

(3). You need to press and hold the action button until the light ring color changes to orange.
(4) Go to WiFi settings from your device settings and you will see a List of WiFi networks which are available near your device, you need to connect to Amazon-xxx(xxx stands for last three alphanumeric character of your serial number. For reference, We are showing an image below as an example of WiFi network which will appear in your list.

alexa wifi setup


once you are connected to amazon WiFi, you need to go back into Alexa app and continue with the setup.

(5) Select the WiFi network you want your Amazon Echo to Connect to and enter the Password of your wireless network. In case your WiFi network is not shown in the list, you can manually add a network by selecting add a network or Re-scan the list.

(6) You can also save your WiFi Passwords to Amazon for Future Reference and Ease to connect to your Specified network.

once your Amazon Echo is connected to your WiFi network, a confirmation message will appear on the screen. You can use your Alexa now as it’s ready to be used.

You can also go to and follow the same steps to connect a WiFi network on the Amazon Echo.